• Professionally Psychedelics Podcast – Nick Murray, Wake Network

    Joining the Professionally Psychedelics Podcast is Nick Murray, Co-Founder and CEO of Wake Network – a psychedelic start-up looking to leverage the far-ranging benefits of magic mushrooms for health and wellbeing. Amidst the psychedelic...

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Professionally Cannabis Podcast – Nancy Whiteman, Wana Brands

Joining the Professionally Cannabis Podcast is Nancy Whiteman, the Co-Founder & CEO of Wana Brands, one of the leading names in cannabis retail. Most well known for their gummies,...

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Professionally Psychedelics Podcast – Christian Angermayer, atai Life Sciences & Apeiron Investment Group

As the lead investor in Compass Pathways, Founder of Atai Life Sciences and Apeiron Investment Group, Christian Angermayer is the perfect person to talk everything psychedelics in 2022. With...

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Professionally Cannabis Podcast – Andreas Neumann, Jushi Holdings

The Professionally Cannabis Podcast returns for 2022, with Andreas Neumann, Chief Creative Officer at Jushi taking the hot seat for the first episode of the year! Across 3 decades...

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Professionally Psychedelics Podcast – Dr. Jeffrey Becker, Bexson Biomedical

Tune into this episode with Dr. Jeffrey Becker, a psychiatrist and the Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Bexson Biomedical. Over the conversation, Jeffrey takes us on his journey...

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Professionally Cannabis Podcast – Jon Sandelman, Ayr Wellness

Tune into our episode with Jon Sandelman, the CEO of Ayr Wellness, joined the pod for an access-all-areas interview. Over the conversation, Jon takes us on his journey into cannabis,...

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Professionally Cannabis Podcast – Jim Hourigan, CannaCraft

Joining the pod is Jim Hourigan, the CEO of leading California cannabis brandhouse, CannaCraft. Known for popular brands, such as Absolute Xtracts and Care by Design, Jim talks us...

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